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Afrikan Gods Series part1

African Gods Series One – PART 1

In this part 1 of the series the princesses explore what it is being true to self, family and friends.   (Visited 119 times, 1 visits today)+440 Afrikan Gods Series Best Series 4.8 PICTURE QUALITY WILL WATCH AGAIN HIGHLY RECOMMEND User Rating
Indlamu 2017

Indlamu 2017

Indlamu is a traditional Zulu Dance where the dancer lifts one foot over his head and slams it down hard, landing squarely on the down beat. Only The fittest Survives . (Visited 206 times, 3 visits today)+1030
Virgin Girls In Gautang

Virgin Girls In Gautang- Amatshitshi

Talk show, Dance and Drama, in a day of a tshitshi. In this western dominated world Africans are still conquered by white supremacy, and to keep and reclaim own identity the struggle for freedom continues. (Visited 292 times, 1 visits today)+2290
khoe khoe_Acrican Tribes and Ceremonies

Khoe Khoe | African Tribes And Ceremonies

The Khoe Khoe are one of the Tribes leaving in South Africa, In this episode the tribe has gathered to celebrate its indigenous knowledge, The drums are electrifying, the spirits manifest. (Visited 157 times, 1 visits today)+600
UMHLONYANA episodes | Thando

Umhlonyana Episodes | Thando

In this episode Thando and her mpelesi (bride maids) must stick together to make this celebration an outstanding one. The event is put to a surprise by a drunk bystander . (Visited 815 times, 1 visits today)+4110 Rate Umhlonyana Best Umhlonyana 3.9 PICTURE QUALITY WILL WATCH AGAIN HIGHLY RECOMMEND User Rating
UMEMULO – Zulu Virgins Ceremony (must see)
UMEMULO – Zulu Virgins Ceremony (must see)

UMEMULO – Zulu Virgins Ceremony (must see)

Umemulo – is when a girl reaches her 21st birthday and is stil a virgin?, the father will do a celebration for the girl in appreciation of her purity. Umemulo usiko lwesiZulu, olwenzelwa intombazane uma iziphathe kahle ebuntombini bayo yangabaphoxa abazali bayo (Visited 1075 times, 1 visits today)+4150
Umhlonyana  Wamawele Episode 2

Umhlonyana Wamawele Episode 2

In this Umhlonyana Episode, the twins Bongiwe and Sibongile go through a journey of self discovery, the goats are slaughtered emotions are high and the celebration goes on. (Visited 1434 times, 1 visits today)+4260 Best Umhlonyana of the year How would you rate this movie ? 4.4 PICTURE QUALITY WILL WATCH AGAIN HIGHLY RECOMMEND User […]

Before The Whiteman Came

As the Indigenous people, we lived in a very natural way, ate great food, loved one another and until the white man came. He taught us to hate ourselves. Taught us to be ashamed of our bodies and wear clothes. who is the devil ? (Visited 131 times, 1 visits today)+180

Apartheid Did Not Die (vuka muntu omnyama).

Apartheid is institutionalized racial segregation and discrimination that exists in South Africa, legalized racism that still operates in today. Most is seen and felt in the struggle for economic development and transformation. Apartheid is still alive but in a new different form. (Visited 61 times, 1 visits today)00 Be the 1st to vote.