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Umkhonto – when a goddess reaches her 21st birthday, an uncle will hand a spear to the Goddess. The spear represents the uncle as the protector. when the uncle gives the spear this means he now trust that she can take care of herself. she is now free to make own decisions. she can now […]


Nomkhubulwane is a goddess and mother nature of all things, the goddess provides rain , fertility and harvest. In this episode, the goddess maidens, prepare the harvest for Nomkhubulwane, prayer and ritual as offerings to their highest Goddess Nomkhubulwane. (Visited 1066 times, 7 visits today)+2149-3
Umemulo Sweets Tradition

Umemulo ka Zinhle Sweets Tradition part2of2

The sweet tradition is a follow up after Umemulo. The princesses are wearing hats covered with sweets all over, enjoying the sweet gifts from the celebration by seating together sharing, singing, dancing and eating the sweets. All the sweet gifts from the Umemulo celebration is shared with family and friends. (Visited 1488 times, 12 visits […]
Afrikan Gods Series Part 2

African Gods Series One – PART 2

In this Episode, the princesses take you through the journey of music, dance and laughter. Music brings and unites  great souls together, watch and enjoy dance on fire. (Visited 1374 times, 1 visits today)+483-1 Afrikan Gods Series Best Series Of The Year 4.7 PICTURE QUALITY WILL WATCH AGAIN HIGHLY RECOMMEND User Rating
Virgin Girls In Gautang

Virgin Girls In Gautang- Amatshitshi

Talk show, Dance and Drama, in a day of a tshitshi. In this western dominated world Africans are still conquered by white supremacy, and to keep and reclaim own identity the struggle for freedom continues. (Visited 879 times, 1 visits today)+2770
khoe khoe_Acrican Tribes and Ceremonies

Khoe Khoe | African Tribes And Ceremonies

The Khoe Khoe are one of the Tribes leaving in South Africa, In this episode the tribe has gathered to celebrate its indigenous knowledge, The drums are electrifying, the spirits manifest. (Visited 351 times, 1 visits today)+700

Before The Whiteman Came

As the Indigenous people, we lived in a very natural way, ate great food, loved one another and until the white man came. He taught us to hate ourselves. Taught us to be ashamed of our bodies and wear clothes. who is the devil ? (Visited 177 times, 1 visits today)+180

Apartheid Did Not Die (vuka muntu omnyama).

Apartheid is institutionalized racial segregation and discrimination that exists in South Africa, legalized racism that still operates in today. Most is seen and felt in the struggle for economic development and transformation. Apartheid is still alive but in a new different form. (Visited 87 times, 1 visits today)00 Be the 1st to vote.
Tribal Life Africa

Tribal Life Africa

Drums, chants, and dancing – : Watch these young African children do what they love, they make a living out of dancing and showcasing their culture. Our culture is our trade. (Visited 483 times, 1 visits today)+700